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Gita Shahi - Early Life

Gita Shahi is one of the famous and hit Nepalese actresses. Bandhaki, Jungali Manchey and Pandav are some of her hit Nepalese movies. Maya Re Ratna, Matina, Nifwo Swan are some of her popular Newari movies. Similarlly MOD, Aparajita, Path Vrasta and Prasunna are some of her hit television series. By these information itself we can figure out, how much Ms. Shahi is adored by public. She is a shinning star in Nepalese movie and entertainment industry.

Gita Shahi
Photo: Gita Shahi
Ms. Shahi was born in cultural city Bhaktapur, Nepal. Bhaktapur was ancient kingdom, which was ruled by Newar Malla Kings before King Prithvi Narayan Shah from Shah dynasty unified Nepal. Today also majority in Bhaktapur belongs to Newari community and it is rich city in art and crafts, newari tradition and culture. Despite of being the smallest district of Nepal out of 75 districts, Bhaktapur is renowned for its strong bond between people as in ancient days between Newari community. Ms. Shahi also belongs to Newari community.
Gita Shahi (left)
Photo: Gita Shahi (left) with her sister Rita (right)
Ms. Shahi was born as third child to Mr. Shiva Shahi and Ms. Sarawosti Shahi. She has two older sisters and one younger brother. Her childhood passed in care of her loving grand parents. She started her early schooling from local school, where she completed her secondary education clearing SLC. In nepal it is called SLC (School Leaving Certificate) for examination of 10th grade, which is held by the government.

Gita Shahi
Photo: Gita Shahi

During school days she used to participate actively in cultural dance programs. Her dance skill was extraordinary which she improved over time. Her skilled dance and dedication lead her to fame in the community and among people. She started to get offers for participation in local dance and acting programs basically in cultural program. Her fame on the local stage programs provided her opportunity to perform as background dancer in Nepalese movies. 

Gita Shahi
Photo: Gita Shahi
 Ms. Shahi won Ms. Photogenic Award in Mr. and Ms. Bhaktapur in year 2002. With Ms. Photogenic title in hand and with her experience as background dancer in several movies, she receive her first offer to work in screen in lead role in teleserial Shanka followed by Thorai Bhaye Pugi Sari. Both of the serials were related to public awareness, which were big success. She received her first offer to work in Nepalese movie Bandhaki, which was Box Office Hit in year 2005.


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